What is it?

Soybeans have just the right kind of properties to keep your skin full of moisture, without looking greasy. Most people who are described as having “radiant” skin are getting their fair share of Vitamin E, and soybeans are full of this healthy vitamin. 

Soybean oil is also a rich source of linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid which offers antioxidant nutrients that are helpful in maintaining healthy skin. At The Isle, we offer a generous dose of this healthy vitamin in candle form! Take a DIP into our warm soybean oil to help smooth and moisturize your body from head to toe!

What are the benefits?

– Burn cooler, longer and cleaner than wax –

– Relieves dry skin and cracked heels –

– Soothes sunburn and bug bites –

– Nourishes and rejuvenates skin –

– Additive and dye free –