isle-By the Fire!

By the Fire!

Fire has been recognized as a symbol of creativity and inspiration since ancient times. Often, the best ideas happen when relaxed and snuggled up around a crackling fire.  It was the snap, crackle and pop of a cozy fire that literally “sparked” the idea for this months theme. As our family enjoyed a beautiful, warm fire, the concept of this By the Fire box came to “light”.  We hope these special products inspire YOU to take some time By the Fire. Creativity and inspiration will meet you as you embrace the crackling embers, smell the burning wood and gaze into the flickering flames. Like a fire, ideas take time to build. Stoke the coals and when the time is right, your ideas will come to life!  Whether it’s through a camping trip, or sparking up the fireplace in your home or backyard, grab your fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, and favorite soy candle and find some time to cozy up By the Fire.


Two Luxury Soy Lotion Candles: (1) 17oz and (1) 9oz

The soy candle that doubles as a lotion! Dip into the warm, melted 

soybean oil for use on your skin as a luxurious moisturizing lotion!

Fall Tumbler: Enjoy your favorite hot (or cold!) beverage in this 

festive thermal tumbler!

Hot Cocoa: Mix your hot cocoa cubes with either 8oz of 

hot water or milk. Stir and enjoy! 

Cozy Socks: Everyone deserves comfortable, cozy socks!

We’ve also included a gift tag in case you choose to share. 

Flip me over and hang me up for a little inspiration!