Did you know that lighting PARAFFIN wax candles around your bathtub could be dangerous to your health? They emit harmful fumes which pollute the air with smoke and toxins. Yuck! Plus, the soot covers the walls!
Our advice? Stick to an environmentally safe SOY candle like the ones made at Isle Candle Co! If a hot, relaxing candlelit bath is on your mind, do yourself (and your home) a favor and light only luxury  SOY candles from The Isle! Oh, and don’t forget to use the melted warm soy oil on your skin when you get out of the bath!

Our Relax Collection is filled with aromatherapy blends that promote relaxation and overall well-being!

Cucumber Spa is cool, crisp, and slightly sweet while Eucalyptus Mint offers a sharp mint with subtle eucalyptus notes. Our Headache Relief combines lemon with jasmine and our fan-favorite Anti-Stress brings together lavender, bergamot, and orange!