isle-Joy to the World!

Joy to the World!

One of our favorite family traditions at Christmas is snuggling up to laugh our way through National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (the original of course!) I (Becca) recite almost every line and it drives my husband crazy!

This holiday box is inspired by one special scene where Clark excitedly brings the entire family outside to show off his extravagant Christmas lights! Plugging in the lights, he loudly sings “JOY to the WORLD”…  it’s one of my favorite moments! (Every year I secretly hope that they will turn ON!)

If you’ve never seen this movie, do yourself a favor and youtube “Joy to the World Clark Griswold”. Whether you have LOTS of lights and house guests like the Griswold’s or no lights and surrounded by just a few, we hope you experience ALL of the JOY this season has to bring!


Two Luxury Soy Lotion Candles: (1) 17oz and (1) 9oz. Dip into the warm, melted soybean oil for use on your skin as a luxurious moisturizing lotion! A gift tag is included in case you choose to share. 

JOY Nightlight Warmer:  This beautiful melt warmer packs a decorative punch with a bright sentiment and festive plaid! Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and offices (can be used in both vertical & horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base)

Soy Lotion Melts: For use in your new JOY warmer! Fragrance your room AND enjoy warm soy lotion with this flameless option.

Christmas Jam: JOY is sure to fill your belly while enjoying this delicious jam! You know the scene in the movie when Clark receives a letter that he is expecting to be his big “Christmas bonus check” only to find a one year subscription to a “Jelly of the Month” club!?? One of our favorites!

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