isle-Our Pawleys Island Story

Our Pawleys Island Story

Did you know that our signature Pawleys Island fragrance is named after one of the oldest summer resorts on the East Coast?! This small island, located just south of Myrtle Beach, is only 3 miles long by ¼ mile wide. It was established in the early 1700’s by European settlers who wanted to enjoy cool ocean breezes and abundant seafood. Something we still delight in to this day!
In 2007, Kathy & Bob Miller started hand pouring our signature Soy Lotion Candles in historic Pawley’s Island. 13 years later, you can still visit our original Isle Candle Co. location in the famous Hammock Shops Village.
We now operate locations in SC and VA and are continuing to grow as we ship orders across the entire country. Throughout many seasons and transitions, one thing has never changed. We will always be a family owned business at heart who value our customers over all else. ????
Our Pawleys Island fragrance is a FAVORITE summertime blend that brings the beach to you!
????️ Did you Know: After every pouring session, we have little bits of fragranced soy that just wouldn’t fit into the jars! We don’t like any waste, sooooo we collect all of these “extras” and combine them to make our special one-of-kind blends. Read more about our Candlemaker’s Blend on our blog HERE!
????Take a Dip Tip: To prevent your candle from smelling like smoke, we recommend keeping the wick trimmed to 1/4-inch. Sometimes it’s not easy to do that without making a sooty mess, so to help alleviate this problem we sell a wick trimmer! It has a built-in tray that catches any burnt wick so it won’t fall back into the candle. So, stop using scissors or nail clippers or worse yet, your fingers and invest in a handy wick trimmer!