isle-Pamper Yourself!

Pamper Yourself!

Our candles serve so many purposes!  Here at Isle Candle Co. we care about a lot of things – including making sure our candles outshine others while caring about and protecting the environment. The unique versatility of soy helps us achieve these goals. Plus, they are more than just soy candles…they are lotion! As the candle melts it will form a pool of warm (not hot!) soy oil which you can use as a nourishing body moisturizer.

Here are a few suggestions for using the warm, melted soybean oil…


Our soy lotion candles work as a hot oil treatment for your hair! Baby Love is powdery and sweet and the perfect go to soft, silky locks!

Do your cuticles need some attention? We’ve got you covered! Try Headache Relief for fresh and bright lemon blended with jasmine.

Enjoy your favorite fragrance as a warm massage oil! We suggest Anti-Stress – a blend of calming lavender, spicy bergamot & bright orange.