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Bundle 9oz Candle (4)

$ 88.00 $ 75.00

Choose 4 and Save 15%!

Can’t decide which fragrance? Try 4 and Save!

Experience the candle that’s also a lotion!

Candles from The Isle Co. are made from pure soy that is naturally rich in Vitamin E and is petroleum, dye, and additive free. Our candles burn incredibly clean, will fill your room with a wonderful fragrance and leave you with soft, silky skin! After extinguishing the flame, you can safely dip into the warm (not hot!) melted soy oil for use as a moisturizing body lotion. Hand-made with love in the USA using 100% pure soybean oil, skin-safe fragrances, and cotton wicks. It’s the candle that’s good for the environment and great for your skin.

Take a Dip™ into the candle that’s also a moisturizer!
And remember, Double Dipping™ is always allowed

9oz Candle Burn Time: 30-40 Hours. Gift Boxed.

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